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War of Kings 3 vs 3 Tournament 2013

War of Kings 3 vs 3 Tournament 2013

LTK 3 vs 3 Tournament 2013

Are you a fan of LTK? Are you competitive? Do you and your friends have what it takes to win? Join us in this years War of Kings 2013 3vs3 Tournament and make a name of your team.


We will be hosting LTK 3 vs 3 tournament this year.  Its time to sign up and test your skills in a team battle of 3 player to compete for the #1 team spot.  Winning team will then be able to fly to China to have a chance with the China 3 vs 3 tournament and we will also pitch in $1500 USD toward your trip.  Please download the signup form and email it back to us at contactus@zikogames.com

*Game store owner will also have a chance to fly back with their team.

*Details about the tournament will be released under news section and facebook page

*3 vs3 its a professional gaming mode and its different than the Role Play Mode, an extension booster pack will be released to conver your game into the 3 vs 3 pack.

Good Luck and Happy Gaming! 

ZiKo Games 


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