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One vs one


1 vs 1 Solo Battle Rule

    1 vs 1 solo battle is a setting with the standard rules of LTK and 3 vs 3 team battle combined together to offer a new way of 2 player play. 



  • Deciding Role
    • Randomly deal the Monarch and Turn-coat card to both players to decide the Role each player will use.


  • Selecting Heroes
    • Randomly select 10 Hero cards with 6 face up and 4 face down  
    • The player who has the Monarch selects 1 hero first then use the "122221" order until all 10 Heroes are chosen. 
    • Afterwards both players select 3 Heroes to use in battle, arranging them in order of appearance face down (once selected, you cannot change the order of appearance).
    • Both players' Order of appearance for Heroes should be kept secret from the other player.


  • Playing the Game
    • After both players finish selecting their Heroes, start the game by drawing 4 cards and reveal the first Hero to the other player.
    • Turn-coat will start the turn first but the amount of cards drawn is -1 during the first draw phase.  Afterwards resume normal amount of cards drawn. 
    • Whenever a Hero is killed, that player must discard all cards (Hand, Equipment, Judgment) to the discard pile, reveal the next Hero recovered to full life and immediately draw 4 cards.
    • When a Hero is killed during opposing player's turn, reveal the new Hero and continue with the opposing player's turn; When a Hero is killed during your own turn (by Lightning or Hero/Card Effect), reveal the next Hero and end your turn.
    • The game ends when all 3 Heroes under a player's control are killed, the other player wins the game.