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Basic Card

Amount: 30Attack Range: 1

Play Phase
Target: Another Hero within your Attack Range
Target takes damage of 1.

Your attack range is 1 at the beginning of the game. You can only use one "Strike" during your play phase.

Amount: 15

Respond to a "Strike" that is targeting you
Target: Hero targeting you with a "Strike"
Effect: Negate the effect of "Strike" targeting you.

"Dodge"(s) are played one at the time. Example: against LU Bu's Unrivaled you need to play two "Dodges" one after the other in response to a "Strike".

Amount: 8

Play Phase or when a hero is Near Death
Target: On yourself during play phase, or on a hero that is Near Death
Effect: Hero Regains one Life.

Example, a hero has 2 life points, and took a "Lightning" damage of 3, now the hero is Near Death. He needs 2 "Peach" to avoid Death (2-3+2=1). During Play Phase, you cannot use or play "Peach"


Scroll Card