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LTK at Socal Smackdown
  • Event Time:09/21/2012
    Location:Anaheim, CA Status:Completed(more)

    Socal Smackdown, a gaming convention in Anaheim CA. LTK was interview by Wargamers Consortium and we will link interview on Youtube soon.

LTK at Mechacon 2012
  • Event Time:08/23/2012
    Location:New Orleans Status:Success(more)

    Mechacon 2012 was a huge success

LTK at UC Berkeley
  • Event Time:08/30/2012
    Location:UC Berkeley (more)

    Students will be given the course CCN and a CEC to enter the decal after attending the first and/or second meeting. The class will only be able to accomodate around 30 people, so if more than 30 students are interested, there will unfortunately be students that will not be able to join the class. First day of class will be August 30th.